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This total body workout is a mix of strength, cardio and high-intensity training. In the company of a group of inspiring women, you challenge yourself to your maximum potential.  Every week, you will take the extra step. Are you ready? 

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Ready to be challenged?!

Mpower challenges you to push your limits! This intensive training offers a dynamic combination of strength, competition and fun. With professional trainers, you work on building physical and mental resilience. The result? Great condition, a strong body and a positive mindset!

What Mpower offers you:

  • You become physically & mentally stronger week after week.

  • You experience an optimal combination of strength, cardio, and HIIT for maximum results.

  • You work towards your personal (sporting) goals and receive a positive mindset as a gift.

  • You create the power to effortlessly combine work, family, and 'me-time' & enjoy life to the fullest!

A strong sports routine

Building a sports routine for everyone possible? Absolutely! That's the strength of our workouts. Because within a few weeks, you really feel how much stronger you are, the greater your motivation becomes!

Curious? Watch our video about the Mpower workout below.

When to start with Mpower?

We have a short checklist for you: 

❑ You have given birth at least five months ago.

❑ Your diastasis is sufficiently closed, you have no diastasis-related complaints anymore and move without compensation.

❑ You do not experience complaints anymore on your pelvic floor: you have no urine loss* and no pain anymore in your pelvis.

*while performing exercises during sports


The extremely motivating trainers and the lessons they come up with make it easy for me to make time for the workout each week. Working out with a group of women, on a Saturday morning at the crack of dawn is a godly start to the weekend!


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