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Working out during your pregnancy? Absolutely! Exercising is not just healthy for pregnant women but also for the baby (or babies). The Pregnant workout is a specialist exercising program for moms (to be) to keep you fit, strong and full of energy during your entire pregnancy.

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Workouts given by certified trainers

Our outdoor workout programs are developed in collaboration with gynecologists & pelvic floor therapists. We offer customized workouts for you and your pregnant body. We train our own trainers, who are all experts in this field, and they will make sure that you do the workouts responsibly.

Thanks to our Pregnant Workouts:

  • You will feel physically and mentally strong and prevent complaints

  • You prepare your body for delivering your baby, as well as for an expedient recovery

  • You will have a relaxed moment for yourself and get some fresh air

  • You can meet other pregnant women living near you

For every stage of the pregnancy

You can already start the Pregnant workout early on in your pregnancy, no matter how well-trained you are. Naturally, you can also join at a later moment. The unique structure of the workout allows you to continue the exercises right up to your due date. Needless to say that we always consider your personal needs and wishes during the sessions. We also help you get Back in Shape after giving birth so you will enjoy motherhood fit and to the fullest.

Want to know more? Watch the video about the Pregnant workout.


I just wanted to let you guys know how happy I am with Mom in Balance! Because of the workouts, I had a wonderful pregnancy and was much more fit than before. I recovered much faster after this pregnancy than I did after my first when I hadn't done Mom in Balance.


The birth went incredibly smoothly and only lasted 6 hours, despite the fact that our girl weighed 4100 grams. The Mom in Balance workouts absolutely played a part, allowing my body to get the job done!


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